Essential Home Drumming Practice Tips

For most people, drumming usually ends up being more than just a hobby. You can forge a career out of it or even make it your lifestyle. However, the journey towards being a pro is quite immense and requires a lot, top of the list being practice. You need to have lots of commitment and self-control for regular practice to improve your drumming skills continuously. Getting the best drum lessons in Melbourne is also a good idea. Below are a few tips that you can use to shorten your learning curve.

Easy drumming tips for your home practice sessions

Differentiate between practice and play

There is a clear distinction between playing your drums and practicing. drumPractice refers to the time when the focus is on improving your stick control, skills, drumming beat, and lots of other techniques. Playing time refers to when you apply your already learnt skills. Allocate a specific session where you only get to practice and not jam. It will ensure that your skills never stagnate at a particular level, even after you become a pro.

Make use of a practice pad

This might sound rather obvious for most drummers, but still quite essential nevertheless. A good recommendation would be to split your practice time into two, half of it on a practice pad and the other half on a full drum set. Practice pads force you to work on your stick control, as there are not many distractions to shift your focus from developing techniques. You can improve your control, speed, and creativity with only a metronome, practice pad, and a pair of sticks.

drum 2Give yourself some challenges

It is very important that you surround yourself with challenging drumming and music. For example, surrounding yourself with music which has double bass drum incorporated in it will help you get better at playing the double bass drum. You can only learn more of what you listen to. Ensure that constantly listen to beats that are more advanced so that they are implemented in your brain subconsciously. This will challenge you to improve your skills and give you a greater creative edge as well.

Have fun

This is probably the most important tip. Drumming should be more of fun and less of a chore. You need to ensure that you are enjoying it at all times, irrespective of what you are playing. Try to make even the boring rudiments that you might be playing to feel good. Express yourself positively as much as you can.