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Reasons To Plant Thuja Green Giant In Your Garden

Are you looking to add aesthetic appeal to your garden with lush and beautiful green trees? Then Thuja green giant is what you are looking for. Also known as the Cedar green giant, the Thuja gets its iconic name from its ability to grow to massive heights of between 20 to 50 feet tall while having a girth width of 12 to 20 feet wide. This makes Thuja ideal for small landscapes while providing good privacy hedges and living fences for homes. For those looking for evergreen trees, below are five reasons to plant Thuja green giant in your garden.

Reasons to Plant Thuja Green Giant In Your Garden

For d├ęcor purposes

The trees will come in handy in enhancing the looks of your yard with their majestThuja Green Giantic dense, deep green foliage. The Green Giants usually have wide bases and grow slenderer towards the top, causing them to take a conical shape that leaves them resembling like a giant Christmas trees. Their bright green glow that illuminates with deep green hue in sunlight will add aesthetic appeal to your landscape, which will undoubtedly be a great talking point among your guests.

Pest resistant

Unlike other evergreens, Thuja green giants have an extremely low tolerance to disease and pests. Thuja green giants offer a perfect substitute for Leyland Cypress which are more susceptible to mites, spiders, bagworms, molds, among other pests and diseases.

Drought resistant

The green giants can withstand drought and a number of adverse weather conditions. They hardly fail during heat waves nor do they snap during winter. Similarly, these trees thrive in a wide range of poor soils such as clay and sand, and will equally do well in acidic soils.

Low maintenance

For those with tight schedules, this will come as good news as they are practically maintenance-free. The trees do not require feeding and watering schedules nor do they need you to add fertilizer and spray them for pests. In fact, the only maintenance that the tree requires is hedge shearing after years of growth.


Thuja Green Giant in the gardenFrom the Northeast to the Midwest to the Southeast, Thuja green giant is the privacy tree of choice. Their foliage offers a solid barrier ensuring you neighbors will not be able to peer into your home. To achieve this, plant the green giants five feet apart in a row. For a conical uniform, you have to plant the trees 10 feet apart in a row. The closer you plant, the denser the hedge and the more the shearing you will have to undertake to maintain their shape.